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Best Seller Designs Nov Dec

Necklace setTagua RingsRingo Necklace set

We are grateful to announce that these are our best selling designs. Our Jewelry is made with natural products such as Tagua nut, Coconut, Bull Horn, Amazon seeds and Sea shells, all textures are natural but the designs coloring and shine requires highly skilled craftsmen and woman. Some window shoppers ask us why all pieces are not the same and why some have different shapes as if they are not polished well or not made as they should be, we have to explain them there is no paint on these products and the shapes are different just like our fingertips.

Those who know and Love Organic jewelry always buy it because they are not just handmade but also show that they are really handmade. No plastic no pollution 100% eco friendly. You will look prettier and everyone will talk about you 🙂

You can order now we have all verity of colors and many women have started business with us in their cities in many countries, if you are looking for a side business to make handful extra $ then contact us, we will be happy to guide you 🙂

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