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Ariadna’s Fantasy Specializes in providing Embroidery, Engraving, Trophies, Military Items and Gifts for Businesses, Sports teams, Religious institutions, Schools, Hospitals and non-profit Organizations etc. visit our website www.ariadnasfantasy.net subscribe to FB/ariadnasfantasy

Distinctively Serving Military Forces and Veterans for over 10 years. Our head office is located inside Brooklyn Army Base, New York.
We also manufacture, wholesale and retail World Class Exclusive Designs Handmade Natural and Organic Jewelry Products.

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123 General Lee Ave, Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, NY 11252

Phone: +1 718-680-0586

Organic Jewelry We discovered some real talent and creativity by various artisans in south america using different techniques to make traditional jewelry. We decided to meet some of the highly skilled crafts men and woman and shared with them our vision. It took us some time to make them understand our designs and what we really want them to craft, within few months we started getting fruitful results. Today we have whole new verity of our own Exclusive Designs Organic Jewelry made with Amazon Seeds, Tagua nut, Coconut, Bull Horns and Sea Shells

Feel free to contact us for retail and wholesale prices

The famous HUAYRURO seeds:

It has many species that are mainly found in the tropical forest of the Amazon, extending to Central America and southern Mexico. Its name differs from country to country. Thus the seed of huayruro is also called: bean of the luck, tintoria (Brazil), cairuro (Colombia), huayro, huayruro, (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador), etc.The seed is a symbol of the origin from which all living beings are derived: plants, animals and humans. It is a symbol of fertility and abundance.In different cultures and traditions, rice wedding is a favor sent to just married like happiness and fertility.

The seed huayruro is a symbol of good luck. In Ecuador as in Peru it is used as an amulet to attract good luck and to protect against negative energies.this seed to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and different handcrafted adornments.


It may look like a coffee bean, chocolate, Jordan almond or caramel, but the tagua nut is actually the endosperm of a seed that comes from the palm species Phytelephas aequatorialis aka. Palandra aequatorialis, or the species Phytelephas macrocarpa. The locals call it cade (pronounced ka-day). The Phytelephas species are found in the lush lowlands of Ecuador, Colombia and Panama. In Ecuador, the primary tagua producing species are P. aequatorialis and P. macrocarpa. P. aequatorialis produces tagua year round, but the seed of the Phytelephas genus, in general, tends to be most abundant during the dry season, June-November.The germination of the tagua seed takes approximately eight months. Early in the seed formation process.

The process of harvesting, designing and creating products out of tagua provides people with jobs and cuts down on the use of JEWELRY ivory.


It is used as substitute for animal ivory, it is sometimes called IVORY NUT. After drying, the nuts are husked by machine and sorted by size and quality. the COROZO NUT is used as various accessories jewelry, chess pieces, and reeds for musical instruments.


We offer the best handmade wholesale mixed bull horn with Amazonian Seeds ,
horn jewelry is an exclusive handicraft. Seeds and horn are natural material, possessing a diversity of advantages in comparison with synthetic man made products. Articles made of natural cow or bull horn are not quantity-produced goods of automated output, but are made manually by highly-skilled craftsmen, preserving the old traditions of the carving craft.

We have complete range of bull horn fashion jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets & rings ) that are not only beautiful, they are exclusive, unique and exotic.

By Ariadna’s Fantasy

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